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General Information about SOP:

SOP is Statement of purpose which basically describes your purpose for joining an MBA college.SOP is a very important tool both for the candidate and Bschools, to test a candidate on some basic issues like:WHY Mba? And WHY this college? Not only this it also gives an insight about the candidate's thinking process and attitude.Apart from this SOP is also a very essential tool in the hands of a candidate. It is the only thing that you have for which there's no time limitation and its upto you how well you are able to showcase your abilities.
Lets Break this topic into few questions:

=>Why SOP and When to start writing SOP ?
=>Some General Tips!
=>Our SOP Advice !

Topic: Why SOP And When to start writing SOP?

SOP as stated in the opening gives an insight of the candidate it also tells about your future goals,Area of Specialisation, Your level of prepration to join the College and some qualities that you want to showcase.
Ideally one should start thinking about some core issues right from the begening of your prepration.But at the end we have given you a some questions which would help you in writing your SOP's better and we recommend it click on SOP Advice.

Topic: Some General SOP Tips?

These are some general tips which you should consider while writing the final draft of your SOP:
-> Write objectively and straight forwardly in way you are able to reveal yourself, do not mention much about academics.
->Write your achievements by describing what you learned from them
->Always mention your key decisions and learnings from your life.
->Writing should not be flowery be simple straight and precise you must follow the word limit provided.
->Honesty is the best policy to follow in SOP's they can and will catch you at any step.
->Remeber that your SOP has to stand out from the crowd so you must be different from the rest. You must describe your vision

Topic: Our SOP Advice!

SOP is a long and tedious process , not only you have to look inside yourself but carefully calculate and bring out the qualities which are evident from the events that had happened in you life. Our Advice is to prepare a questionare before writing an SOP, which would help you include all the points you should include in your SOP . Ofcourse wordlimit should be considered while considering these points.These are different from the general questions like WHY MBA and WHY this College which understandably you need to prepare for every SOP bys earching about the college and understanding why MBA is necessary for you.
Q1:Describe your Goals,Short Term and Long term, Also describe your goals in the past and how you have gone to achieve them.
Q2:Describe Major problems,setbacks in your life and how have you gone on to resolve them.
Q3:Tell Us about your weakness in different facets of life and where you have felt that you need to develop yourself and steps that you have taken.
Q4:Describe Major or Significant changes/decisions in your Life so far which have changed the course of your life, would like to change your decisions taken in the past,if so why?
Q5:Describe one major initiative taken by you in any sphere of life and how you have lead with an example.

Note: These questions not only will help you in writing your SOP better but these questions are actually asked in the interviews and forms which need to be filled before the interview process.

Best of Luck to All!
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