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What is a Role Play

A role play type of group discussion is one where a situation is described and each person in the group is asked to assume a specific role in a situation.

Why Role Play

1. Analysing problems from various perspectives
2. Implementing brainstorming methodology in simulations of real cases
3. Trying various solutions in a case scenario
4. Developing team-work, co-operation and creative problem solving in groups
5. Exercising creative techniques in a risk-free environment

Tips for Role Play

1. In such cases, you must completely step into the role and your reasoning will have to
    be consistent with the role that you have assumed.
2. You could use the case study type framework for decision making.
3. The participation, in this specific case, needs to appreciate the gravity of the situation     
    and generate appropriate reasoning to facilitate decision making for the group.
4. Quite expectedly, such discussions tend to get chaotic.

Example of a Role Play

A dream cruise was organised by XYZ for eminent personalities on a dream island.The eminent personalities were Mother Teresa, Bill Clinton, King Akbar, Pele, Michael Jackson, Maryln Monroe, Sachin Tendulkar, Saddam Hussain and Thomas Edison. Unfortunately , the ship hit a iceberg and sank very close to devil island.The lives were in danger and had to leave within an hour. However, only three can be saved due to shortage of wooden planks and lack of time.Who are those three to be saved, and in what sequence?