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The IN and OUT of XAT

XAT(Xavier aptitude test) has been one of the most important management examinations in the country for ,now more than 50 years.Currently more than 60 Management Institutes are participating in XAT-2009. Its  top institutes
XLRI, which has been consistently ranked among top 5 premier institutes of the country.As its 2008 stats clearly suggest that this certainly stands in comparison with the IIMs:
Highest Domestic Salary :Rs 32 LPA,
Average Domestic Salary:Rs 14.75 LPA(More than IIM-I and IIM-K),
Median Domestic Salary:Rs 14.5 LPA,total of 12 international offers;
Average International salary:$90,000 USD.
It was est. 1949 and its has given its list of core and elective subjects in its prospectus.Though as expected there is a minor dip in its salaries compared to 2007 which showed average  salary  package as 15 plus.
Second in the queue is XIM Bhubaneshvar, this too has been one of the A+ colleges in India now consistently for more than 5 years  and its 2008 placements to suggest that :
Highest International offer: US$ 85,000 by Olam International
Highest Domestic Offer: Rs. 16.5 Lakhs p.a. by J P Morgan
Average Salary: Rs. 10.12 Lakhs p.a.
100% students with salary above Rs. 6.5 Lakhs p.a.
15% increase in average salary from 2007
100% increase in average salary in the last 3 years
Other than these two there are other colleges such as Loyola institute of Management and Goa Institute of Management.

But Why has XAT seen so much increase in number of applicants in these few years?
Reasons for increase is not the same as those in CAT. As in CAT many people who get a call in previous years wait and hope that  they might make it to the IIM's this time,XAT has seen so much attention because of institutes like XLRI and the non implementation of the 50%reservation policy. Now consider this assesment:
This year IIM's have about 1700 seats out of which 50% gone in reservation, So in all 850 seats left. Now out of these 850 seats left , IIM-A (Seats:250/General:125),IIM-B(Seats:260General:130),IIM-c(Seats:200General:100), if you are scoring in the lower
IIM(L,K,I,S) category you have 850-375=475 seats for the IIM's.
Whereas now consider XAT( XLRI: 120(Business Management)+66(PM&IR) + XIM(Seats:120/non-Orissa:60) =246 seats).
And both of these institutes are comparable to IIM's.
So XAT is worth a try , and fortunately or unfortunately rather most people are now awareof this fact and its quite visible.
In 2005 number of applicants: 22000-25000
In 2008:86000
in 2009:105000....

Lets Start discussing XAT past 8 year trend mainly essays,VA,QA&DI,LRor AR..

XAT 2001: 2 hrs,3sections;-1/3 :::Section 1 : VA &RC (questions: 80,45 mins),Section 2 : GK(60,30 mins);Section 3 : DI,DS,LR                (60,45 mins) = 200.  :: 20 questions on fillup vocab(Dialog of Plato),Appropriate phrase fillup(10),RC(20)
         Essay: "economic growth without distributive justice can only lead to violence"

XAT 2002: 2 hrs,3sections;-1/3 :::Section 1 : VA &RC (questions: 80,40 mins),Section 2 : GK(60,30 mins);Section 3 : Quants + LR   (60,45 mins) = 200. 10 Synonyms from passage(appropriate word replace), 10 Antonyms and 15 fillup vocab.20 analogies
         Essay: "Indian economy in Post WTO era"

XAT 2003: 2 hrs,3sections;-1/3 :::Section 1 : VA &RC (questions: 80,40 mins),Section 2 : GK(60,30 mins);Section 3 : Quants + LR   (60,45 mins) = 200. Rc's were directly from Fortune Magazine 2001 20 questions. 20 direct synonyms and 10 antonyms from a passage.
         Essay: "to give real service one needs to add something which cannot be bought or measured,like sincerity and integrity".

XAT 2004: 2 hrs,3sections;-1/3 :::Section 1 : VA &RC (questions: 80,40 mins),Section 2 : GK(60,30 mins);Section 3 : Quants + LR   (60,45 mins) = 200. Rc's were shakespere Hamlet and India Rising. 20 analogies,10 fillups and 10 antonyms.
         Essay: "Asked which of his works would select as his masterpiece, architect Frank Lloyd Wright as
the age of 83 replied My Next One.

XAT 2005: 2 hrs,3sections;-1/3 :::Section 1 : VA &RC (questions: 65,50 mins),Section 2 : GK(35,15 mins);Section 3 : Quants + LR   (75,55 mins) = 175. Rc's (31 questions)on human ecology and childen's boundaries. 20 direct synonyms and 10 antonyms from a passage.
         Essay: "More than one billion Indians: a gigantic problem or a sea of opportunities?".

XAT 2006: 2 hrs,3sections;-1/3 :::Section 1 : VA &RC (questions: 40,40 mins),Section 2 :DI and LR(43,40 mins);Section 3 : Quants + LR   (44,40 mins) = 127.
# Patents and its correlation with scientific discovery
Passage 2: A discourse on deliberative democracy
Passage 3: Management theory related
Passage 4: Dialogue between American and Japanese managers
Passage 5: A discussion on Cosmology Episode and deja-vu.
6 vocab fillups, 4 para jumbles,3 Critical Reasoning
         Essay: "India has one of the largest pool of talented manpower but few innovations and patented products.

XAT 2007: 2 hrs,3sections;-1/3 :::Section 1 : VA &RC (questions: 41,40 mins),Section 2 :DM and LR(40,40 mins);Section 3 : Quants + LR   (49,40 mins) = 130. Rc's(23) were on The right Kind of education,Indian Economy,Bayesian Theory,socialism and the two poems.Grammer punctuation,incorrect sentences,3 synonyms,antonyms 2,parajumbles 4,sentence correction 4.

XAT 2008:2 hrs,3sections;Progressive Negative MARKING for each section( first six 1/4,next 1/2) :::Section 1 : VA &RC (questions: 38,40 mins),Section 2 :DM and LR(38,40 mins);Section 3 : Quants + LR   (44,40 mins) = 120. Rc's(16) were on GMAT Pattern.5 fillups vocab,Critical Reasoning 10,parajumbles 4.

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