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The Recession has struck bschool placements as expected, but its strike is harder than what was expected. Top Bschools are looking forward to those companies which were politely rejected  last year by them. Top Bschools including IIM-A,IIM-B,IIM-C,IIM-L,XLRI,MDI,NMIMS
and other A+ institutes have told their students to accept job offers in their  respective field without considering the package.IIM-B and Narsee Monji have  also told their students to be prepared to travel for recruitment and those getting  a PPO(Pre Placement Offer) are not allowed to sit for further placements in   companies.This clearly suggest Colleges opting for a 100% placement to save    their reputation.This has  happened because Lehman Brothers inc. & Meryll Lynch (now Bank of America) one of the major  recruiters from these top
colleges have created a vast gap ,accompanied by global  financial metldown which these bschools are finding hard to fill up by domestic  recruiters.            
                           Now, that recession has kicked in What effect will it have on MBA aspirants Consider this thought : Since most of the MBA's from these top notch institutes  would avail jobs pertaining to their fields they would be prepared for the expected    boom that comes after every slump.Since current recession would continue to exist for atleast 1 more year this means there would be a pool of talented MBA waiting for the good times to come.This would inturn effect placements of top bschools further as for every vacancy companies might find experienced MBA's in competition with you when you finally graduate out of a bschool.
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Another school of thought is while the global recession is hurting economies you  might not be able to find a job having your desired objectives.This time can be considered best to load up your resume with an MBA degree. This is what most of the people would think,but the point to note here is that you would face stiff competition for every single seat into these top Bschools ,looking at the stats of some of the top engineering  colleges IIT-B(450 placed out of 1200 till now) the number of IITians would increase for MBA competition.
The dilemna is what if after completing MBA from youre dream Bschool you are not able to find a job suiting your needs. This is what an MBA from IIM-A has just faced(name cannot be disclosed),just after 6 months with a payscale of 14 lkhs was asked to leave the company as the company could not afford IIM-A grads.

The above two points need to be taken into account, if you already have a job my suggestion keep trying for MBA but wait for the good times to come and never go for a B,B+ degree college. Whereas if you are a fresher you might be tempted to go for MBA prepration, you should consider the trend i.e IIM's have started giving weightage to experience so finding a job,buiseness or even indulge in social activity to load you resume with something substanstial.
Recession Strikes Bschool Placements

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