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Welcome to our Personality assessment section, in this section you will learn

->What is Personality?
->Is Personality assessment necessary?
->Why Personality assessment through tests?

Personality Tests Available

->Personality Assessment Test 1
->Personality Assessment Test 2
->Personality Assessment Test 3

Topic:Defining Personality

Definition of personality : A set of qualities that make a person (or thing) distinct from another. Or in general terms Charisma, or qualities that make a person stand out from the crowd. This point is vital for you to define how do you keep yourself among a crowd and that's what will matter most during a bschool interview. Often questions such as "Give me two reasons to select you?" ,these type of questions not only check your confidence level but also check your personality traits, in fact the whole of the interview is based on knowing your personality.And it is not that personality can not be developed or changed, within a given period of time if you start concentrating on yourself and things that matter you can be a totally different person. So you must first know what kind of personality you have!

Topic:Personality Assessment

To state the fact: its not necessary if you are well aware of the personality and the traits you possess but still there's no harm in checking yourself ,as personalities do change with time. Personality assessment is more about how much you know yourself, for example given a hypothetical situation knowing that how would you react under that situation before hand can be an example that the person is self aware and these thing matter the most in an interview. Quite often during an interview you would see yourself in a situation where your personality would be tested out,situations like panic and pressure is created by the panelists during an interview to check out your behavior,problem solving skills and personality.So it becomes imperative for you to know your weak areas in your personality and start improving upon them.

Topic:Personality Assessment Tests

The tests you would find on this site are still being used in the corporate world for about 24 years.Some of them will be given to you when you go into the corporate world.However these tests do not guarantee the accuracy but they give you an idea as what and where you are not coping up with what is expected out of you.We have several tests in our repository which will test you out on various parameters such as managerial style,problem solving skills,inward and outward perception etc. Since these are trusted by the corporate we recommend all of your readers to attempt these test.We have selected the short one for your convenience.