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Data Interpretation has no particular syllabus.Data Interpretation tests your speed, decision
making capability and analyzing data.

1. Improve your calculations
    Improving your calculations is the first step to improve your Data Interpretation.
    You need to work on both accuracy and speed to improve this section.
    Speed can be increased by practicing regularly.

    Vedic mathematics can also help you to increase you speed.It is not necessary to follow Vedic 
    mathematics.If you are not
    comfortable with using Vedic mathematics please do not use it.
    To improve your speed try doing calculations in your mind rather than using pencil/pen.
    In the starting it would take some time to do calculations in mind..but slowly and
    gradually you will see a mark difference in your speed.

2. Solve different type of Graphs, Caselets
    Solve different type of caselets instead of sticking to one type.
    Develop your skills to solve different caselets.
3. Practize regularly
    Data interpretation is not a subject to be learned instantly..It improves with practice.
    Regular practice can do wonders in your speed as well as analayzing caselets.
    You can use coaching material and various other books to practice like Data Interpretation
    by Arun Sharma..You can also solve online questions from our site.Follow the link given above.
How to prepare for Data Interpretation
Data Interpretation Question Database for CAT and other MBA entrance examinations.

Questions on Bar Graph.
                      Line Graph.
                      Pie Charts
                      Combination Graph
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